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The Diné Bikéyah Book

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The Diné Bikéyah Book

This book has been created to beautifully support the Navajo people's voice in the ongoing land conservation discussion in Utah. Our continuing effort to preserve this, our native land, in a way which reflects the Navajo way of life, is outlined with our hopes for the future. Along with a thorough description of the Navajo's conservation concerns, you will find beautiful photographs of the land, Navajo people who make it their home, and quotes from those people in our native language.

Click here to download the book. (13.79mb PDF file)

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Book Correction: Brown & Caldwell Engineering generously contributed toward the printing cost of this book and was unintentionally left out of the acknowledgements.

Landscape photography by Chris Noble.
Portrait photography by Lynn Hoffman-Browse.
Graphic design layout and graphic illustrations by Aucutt Design.

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