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Jewel advocates for the protection of Bears Ears National Monument

jewel-video on Vimeo.

Bears Ears is a sacred place to Native American Tribes. Two years ago, this living cultural landscape in southern Utah containing more than 100,000 burials and sacred places was permanently protected by President Obama as a national monument. This act marked a moment of healing, of respect for the land and human cultures, and a commitment to building a new kind of relationship between Tribes and the United Stated government. These are lands where all Americans share a past, as well as a future, and one which we are looking forward here as a model to show us the way forward.


Unfortunately, one year ago today (December 4th), this healing landscape was dealt a blow when President Trump illegally removed protection from one million acres that the Diné (Navajo), Hopi, Ute, Zuni and other Pueblo peoples work so hard to protect. Their vision for how to respect our Earth Mother was tossed aside, in favor of the potential for her exploitation.


Even today, Bears Ears National Monument is a living, cultural landscape that contains the shared heritage of all Americans. I invite you, as Americans, Indigenous Peoples, and protectors to stand together, embrace the beauty of our diversity, and create a future that supports us all and our Earth Mother. I invite you to share the Native American request for healing with your family, with your neighbors and with our elected leaders to restore protections for these sacred lands. You can learn more, offer a donation and support our efforts to restore protections at Bears Ears. Go to, or follow us @protectbearsears with the following hashtags: #honortribes #standwithbearsears #bearsearsheals.