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High Country News publishes in-depth article on Bears Ears

In Utah, the Bears Ears monument fight heats up – This May 3 article from leading regional magazine touts Bears Ears proposal as “truly groundbreaking: A monument manager would be overseen by a commission, made up of one representative from each of the five tribes, and one from each of the three applicable federal agencies.” Author Jonathan P. Thompson describes the evolution of Bears Ears proposal and UDB’s critical role. A group of local Navajos, including Maryboy, informally created Utah Dine Bikeyah, a group advocating increased protections, to ensure that the Utah Navajos would have a voice in the process…. When Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, launched his Public Lands Initiative (PLI) in 2013, hoping to settle Utah’s land conflicts with local-led compromises, Bikeyah was ready.


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