Limited Edition ‘Feather Bear’ T-Shirt- Only available until December 15, 2017

Design by Lee Sekaquaptewa- Lee is a Yakama, Navajo, and Hopi artist who created this design when he saw the image of a bear’s head in the boundary outline of Bears Ears National Monument.

Shipping and handling included. Unisex sizes (more like men’s). Quantities are limited.


Order Today to receive a UDB Limited Edition Shirt with your donation of $20 or more. A free “Feather Bear” sticker will also be included. 

A Statement from the artist:

Bears Ears National Monument located in Utah, is a sacred place for many indigenous peoples. A general piece of the map is depicted in my image. It is ornamented in with designs and symbols relating to the people of the southwest. The bear comes from legends of Bear Woman who lost her ears. The feather is frayed and broken showing all that we lost as tribal members. The feather also shares unity across Native American peoples, an eagle feather is adorned and worn by many different indigenous peoples. The arrow is Broken symbolizing peace. The mountains representing the abundance of life and culture. The bear tracks for good fortune. Lastly, the spiral for continuation and preservation of the area and the journey the organization is embarking on.

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