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Navajo Nation Defends Antiquities Act from Utah officials

Linked here are resolutions from Utah Navajo Chapter Houses opposing bills that threaten the 1906 Antiquities Act. The Utah Navajo Commission, along with Navajo Nation Chapters, including Oljato, Rock Point, Shonto, Teec Nos Pos and Tolikan Chapters oppose H.R. 3990, sponsored by Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT-1), and House Joint Resolution 001 that is moving through the Utah legislature (only the February resolutions include HJR 001.). These chapters oppose Bishop’s latest bill for many reasons, including how it amends the Antiquities Act by putting limits on how public lands could be declared as national monuments by the U.S. President. This bill has passed out of committee, but has not been voted on by the House or Senate.


House Joint Resolution 001 is a non-binding request to U.S. Congress to exempt Utah from the Antiquities Act by the Utah Legislature. Utah State Rep. Carl R. Albrecht (R-District 70) and State Sen. David P. Hinkins (R-District 27) are co-sponsors of this joint resolution. This resolution has passed the State House and is before the Senate Committee on February 26th. Please help us oppose both of these measures by following our Facebook page and taking action.


Click on the image below to see/download a pdf of the full resolution.