On Thursday August 24, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke submitted a draft report to the White House regarding his recommendations for Bears Ears National Monument. Although the report has not been released publicly, it appears Secretary Zinke has recommended reducing Bears Ears National Monument. Legal scholars have concluded that a President lacks the authority to modify a National Monument, yet that may not stop Trump from trying. Thank you for adding your voice to this petition, asking President Trump to do the right thing and #StandWithBearsEars!

Dear President Trump,
We the people of the United States of America call on you to consider your legacy and honor the lawfully protected Bears Ears National Monument. This irreplaceable national treasure belongs to all Americans – and we have spoken. More than 99% of the 2.7 million comments submitted during the public review process support continued protection for our National Monuments, including Bears Ears. The Utah political delegation has failed to represent the interests of Native Americans and others with deep ties to Bears Ears. Please, do not waste your political capital on attempting to reduce or undo something so popular.
I personally stand with the historic coalition of sovereign Tribes who called for the designation of Bears Ears National Monument. Please understand that Interior Secretary Zinke’s recommendations are fundamentally flawed because he failed to adequately meet with or listen to local Native Americans. Tribal people are the honorable keepers of traditional knowledge about the Bears Ears cultural landscape and its 100,000+ archaeological sites. This Monument holds the spirits of previous generations of Native people. The Ancestors are still alive at Bears Ears. Do not disturb them.
As Commander-in-Chief, you have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do the right thing, which is: nothing. Please leave Bears Ears National Monument alone and you will help ensure this sacred place remains protected for all Americans to experience, enjoy, and exalt in.

President Trump, Please Honor Bears Ears

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Thank you for demonstrating the strength to listen and heeding our call to allow Native Americans to hold on to the hope of inclusion in American society at every level.


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