Help ensure the new administration meets with and listens to Tribes! Congressman Ryan Zinke of Montana has been nominated to serve as the next Secretary of the Interior. Already, Utah politicians are pushing him to come to Utah and try to reduce or undo protections for Bears Ears National Monument. It is imperative that Secretary-designate Zinke meets with Tribes when he visits Bears Ears to hear directly from Native American people why protection for this sacred ancestral landscape is so important. Lend your voice! Ask Secretary Zinke to Honor Tribes, Honor Bears Ears.


Petitions Signed

Signing the petition is just the beginning!

Contact Secretary Zinke and ask him to “Honor Bears Ears.” Here are the best ways to reach him:

1. Call Zinke: (202) 208-6317

2. Sign the petition to Zinke:

3. Email Zinke:

4. Tweet Zinke:

Dear Interior Secretary-designate Zinke,

Bears Ears National Monument is a national treasure that belongs to all Americans and honors Tribes. I stand with sovereign tribal nations in asking you to leave the Bears Ears National Monument boundary alone. Please work with us to protect this land for future generations of all people.

Please describe why this land is important to you.

Thank you for listening,

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