artist in residence

UDB’s Artist in Residence is a platform in which Indigenous artists may receive exposure and gain recognition for their artwork. Each year, a new artist is selected and given resources to help amplify their voice, work, and most importantly their passion. 
Our current Artist is:

Jessica Wiarda

Jessica Wiarda is an illustrator of Hopi and white descent based here in Salt Lake City. She is known to explore her experiences living in two worlds as a biracial American.

“I have never quite belonged entirely to either world. As an artist, I think this gives me a unique perspective on life and I enjoy learning new things about both sides of my heritage,” Wiarda shares.

According to Wiarda, she loves exploring color and shape in her work and simplifying things like food and people to their most basic forms but still keeping them identifiable.

“Some things we think are “Native American” don’t have anything to do with any tribe at all so I invite you to explore my Hopi artwork and learn about a tribe that doesn’t see a lot of representation in mainstream culture,” she adds.

Jessica Wiarda was selected as Utah Diné Bikéyah’s Artist in Residence for 2022. Her artwork and apparel can be discovered at our art gallery located within the Leonardo Museum in downtown Salt Lake City.

To learn more about Jessica, visit her website:

Check out our past Artists down below:

Michael Haswood

During 2020, UDB employed Indigenous artist Michael Haswood. Haswood is a Dine’ self taught artist living in Salt Lake City. According to Haswood, his relationship with art has been long and ardent. Since his birth, Haswood thanks his mother and the rest of his maternal lineage for instilling love, harmony and connection in his artistic pieces. 

According to Haswood, since his mother’s passing from cancer, creating art has been a way for him to come to terms with the meaning of life and understanding what it means to be human. Haswood shares that through each art piece he crafts it is as if he can feel his mother’s breath. 

“All the women in my family have inspired me. If it wasn’t for my mother, grandmother and aunties, I’m not sure where I’d be. They were the ones who would help me with questions and give me advice,” Haswood says.

Since joining UDB, Haswood has been able to use his platform to advocate for the protection of Bears Ears National Monument and give recognition to native voices. 

Michael Haswood’s art has made major strides amongst our Indigenous communities. His execution of each piece encompasses integrity, balance and native identity. 

Most recently, Haswood’s artwork garnered national attention as it became the staple of the Red Road to D.C. campaign, even making its way into the arms of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. Haswood says he’s honored to be able to have such reach and grateful for every opportunity the Artist in Residence program has been able to give him. 

Continue following Michael Haswood’s journey on instagram @michaelhaswoodd

Are you an Indigenous based artist wanting to reach a bigger audience? Well you are in luck! We at UDB are currently hosting an open call for our Artist in Residence program. Read down below for more information:

Currently, we are offering an opportunity to a local artist to get exposure, integrate their work into the art scene, and complete artwork for various events hosted by our organization.

UDB will assist in establishing professional connections, register for events for tabling and promoting the potential candidate.

Duration of Residency:

6 months to 1 year


Space will be provided within the gallery/office building in Salt Lake City, UT.

Fees and Support:

Length of residency is grant based. Stipends will be available to follow along with the pay schedule of the organization.


Must live local to Salt Lake City, UT. Art space is open to the public to promote work, connect with the youth to give advice and direction for inspiration, and promote the gallery inclusive to other artwork from various artists; local and non local. Tabling at various events without supervision.

Application Information

  • A Letter of Interest can be sent to
  • Portfolio of work completed, media link or images, synopsis of previous work.
  • A letter of Thanks directed to the Board Members for your possible participation in the program.