Welcome to the 2022 Bears Ears Summer Gathering!

Join us for a weekend filled with Indigenous tradition, knowledge and culture. Our eighth annual Bears Ears Summer Gathering is scheduled for the weekend of July 22nd, 2022.

Every year, Indigenous communities of the greater Bears Ears Region come together to pay homage to the landscape that has been memorialized by her descendants’ prayers, traditions and ceremonies. Bears Ears has always shown her love by providing the people with iina; food, medicine, hunting and protection.

This year, Utah Dine Bikeyah Bears Ears Summer Gathering’s theme is: Iina bi’gaal – Letting Life Speak. The landscape, the animal and plant life on earth has an unwritten life path with no decision to deter from its place within the ecosystem. This year we honor their existence and gather for healing and exchange of wellness, love and support. Mark your calendars now!


  • Free Admission
  • Bring own food (Breakfast, snacks). We will provide only lunch and dinner.
  • Bring your own dishware (we want to be ECO-friendly)
  • Indigenous community members only, HOWEVER non-indigenous members may volunteer.
  • NO pets
  • NO open fires
  • NO alcohol/drugs/smoking