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Help Us Restore Bears Ears

Dear Bears Ears Supporter,

Here at Bears Ears, fresh snows are falling and we are looking forward to the restorative actions of incoming President Joe Biden. This January, we are asking for “restorative justice.” President-elect Biden has watched and listened to Native communities and he knows what is at stake for Bears Ears. Because the election season leaves have finally fallen to the ground, we expect to not only restore Bears Ears, but to expand its strength and message across all ancestral lands.

Justice is about fixing injustices.
Restoration is about collectively rekindling our relationships to the animals, the mountains,
and the winds who are the teachers and knowers of life.
The clear sky is for all of creation to feel nurtured, and for the rains continue to purify.
In 2021, we will seek justice for our planet, as well as for each other.
Restorative Justice is about healing.

This past year has been a struggle. So, thank you for supporting Utah Diné Bikéyah in 2020! You have helped us do so much good. If you have given already this year, thank you! Please know that the Covid-19 relief efforts have made a huge impact throughout our communities!

If you are able to give today, you will help us restore hope this winter.

Utah Diné Bikéyah is asking you to support us financially. Your gift will advance restorative justice as we pursue the following goals:

  1. Restore and expand Bears Ears National Monument to 1.9 Million acres. Bears Ears is indigenous, and your contribution will help us engage Native communities across the U.S. in this healing effort. We will collect signatures, educate and engage youth, and clearly spell out what restorative justice looks like. Your gift will restore.
  2. Listen to Elders – The work of grassroots community organizing requires significant resources, as we go hogan to hogan and village to village, listening and highlighting the wisdom of those who came before us. Your gift will deepen our knowledge.
  3. Elevate Indigenous Leadership –Tomorrow’s leaders are mobilizing people today. Your gift will elevate our voice.
  4. Heal the Earth – Bears Ears is a teacher of balance. It is a reminder of what is possible when the earth is activated by indigenous culture, and when we heal our human relationships to the planet and each other. Your gift will heal.
  5. The Protector Mountain – Bears Ears is our protector, it holds the Protection Prayers, to provide security and comfort. Your gift will secure protection.

On behalf of our entire Board of Directors, we invite you to make a tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, $250 or whatever amount is right for you:


Online – using the forms below!

Call (385)202-4954

Mail your check to: Utah Diné Bikéyah, PO Box 554, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110

Together we are restoring hope for our planet, for indigenous leadership, and for Bears Ears.

Thank you, or as we say in our languages,
Askwali – Ahéhee’ – Tog’oiak’ – Kwakwhay – Elahkwa – Wado


Woody Lee

Executive Director- Utah Diné Bikéyah


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Thank you

Askwali – Ahéhee’ – Tog’oiak’ – Kwakwhay – Elahkwa – Wado

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