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President Obama designates Bears Ears National Monument!

President Barack Obama has made history by proclaiming Bears Ears National Monument on December 28, 2016. UDB applauds President Obama’s action, which comes in response to a historic unity of Tribes who together requested permanent protection for the Bears Ears cultural landscape. This victory marks the first time in history that Native American Tribes have called for and succeeded in protecting their sacred ancestral homelands through National Monument designation by a President of the United States of America. “I am deeply delighted that the Bears Ears National Monument is now one of the nation’s greatest treasures for all people and future generations to enjoy,” stated UDB Board Chairman Willie Grayeyes, adding, “I would also like to express my appreciation to President Obama for hearing our voice and listening to the grassroots people, the unity of tribal governments, and all other supporters who stood by us on this powerful path to healing.”

This designation is both durable and defensible, as it reflects the will of a majority of Utahns as well as the wish of peoples who have lived here since time immemorial. UDB looks forward to helping craft a land management plan for the first National Monument to be collaboratively managed by Tribes. Thank you so much for all YOUR support!

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