Traditional Foods Program

Bears Ears National Monument creates an opportunity for Tribes to unite and think beyond reservation boundaries in order to care for our shared ancestral lands and heal from wounds we carry.

Given the rare combination of an ecologically intact landscape and culturally intact Tribes that hold traditional knowledge for the Bears Ears region, we believe that Tribes, researchers, agencies, and UDB can build hope, practical knowledge, and capacity to inspire grassroots people to use their energy and know-how to shape our communities to create positive and lasting change. 

First, however we must understand the scope and scale of food challenges we face, and the opportunities which lie ahead. These range from access to fresh foods, existence of food production and food systems, nutrition educational services, food purchase and preparation behaviors of community members, and even the implementation of Native American community wellness development programs. 

Bears Ears is a spiritually powerful place in which Native Americans have a voice in its management, and therefore the ability to bring about change by strengthening our connections to our indigenous food heritage. We will ensure that the Traditional Foods Program includes social, environmental, psychological, and physical healing, and that it is carried out with the blessings of our elders and sovereign tribal leaders.

Artist in Residence

UDB’s Artist in Residence is a platform in which Indigenous artists may receive exposure and gain recognition for their artwork. Each year, a new artist is selected and given resources to help amplify their voice, work, and most importantly their passion. 

Cultural Sensitivity Courses

When it comes to Indigenous voices we firmly believe in appropriate representation. 

Appropriate representation is vital to how media portrays and deals with and present gender, age, ethnicity, national and regional identity, social issues and events to an audience.

At UDB, in order to ensure that our Indigenous communities are being represented the best way possible, we facilitate Cultural Sensitivity trainings to anyone interested in either Indigenous storytelling or for cultural awareness. 

Taking our Cultural Sensitivity training is a mandatory requirement when working alongside our organization.