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K’aayelli Resolution

K’aayellis pass resolution formally opposing PLI

On Wed, Sept 22, Navajo heritage association the Descendants of K’aayelli (DOK) publicly released a formal resolution stating the group’s opposition to the Utah Public Lands Initiative bill, sponsored by UT Rep Rob Bishop. DOK’s resolution explicitly states, “DOK has consulted with the Aneth extension members and by majority vote strongly oppose the Utah Public Lands Initiative.” 

This is significant because the K’aayellis trace ancestry directly to leaders who dwelled at Bears Ears and successfully resisted removal in the 1800’s. Even just a few months ago, members of the Utah delegation referenced the K’aayellis in deposition before Congress to bolster claims that Native people preferred the PLI. The K’aayellis’ resolution goes on to assert, “we speak for ourselves and we ask that others not speak on our behalf.” 

UDB does not claim to represent the K’aayellis in any form. UDB respects DOK’s independent status and deep ties to Bears Ears.

Click on the image to see the full resolution.