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Patagonia Inc.

The Patagonia corporation has been a strong supporter of the Bears Ears initiative and is featuring our conservation work in its May, 2015 climbing catalogue. In January Patagonia sent two huge boxes of Patagonia jackets that helped keep Utah Navajo community members warm and comfortable

Tribes For Bears Ears

Six Native American toured the Bears Ears proposal in April, 2015 and were struck by the importance of this naturally intact landscape and the values shared by Tribes and other Americans in protecting this region. This article by the Salt Lake Tribune details progress being

Wall street journal video


UDB is in the news, and not just any news, it’s the Wall Street Journal!  Follow the below link to read the article and watch the 1 minute video then share the link with your friends to help protect Bears Ears.

Utah Diné Bikéyah Town Hall Meetings

Submit comments to San Juan County leaders to protect your cultural and natural resources! Attend presentation and write comments on why public lands are important to you. Discuss how the Navajo proposal will protect sacred sites and Native cultural land-use for future generations. *MUTTON STEW AND FRY

Leonard Lee

This American Land

Please view "This American Land" video "Navajos in Utah want protection for lost ancestral lands".

Navajo Nation and Utah Diné Bikéyah to Washington, DC.

Representatives from the Navajo Nation and Utah Diné Bikéyah spent the week of February 24th in Washington, DC.  Traveling were Frederick White, Executive Director, Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources, Willie Grayeyes, UDB Chair, Jonah Yellowman, Leonard Lee and Mark Maryboy, UDB board members. The